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To continue providing dental plan members and their families excellent discounts and services, we have teamed up other national discount organizations to provide Beta Health Association members greater value and additional services. Beta Health Association dental plan members and families receive national access to vision, hearing, prescription drug services, and pet meds - FREE OF CHARGE!

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The Vision Discount Plan

EyeMedBeta Health Association, Inc. has teamed up with EyeMed Vision Care, to offer easy access to over 43,000 national, conveniently located vision care providers including optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and many leading optical retailers, such as LensCrafters®, Target Optical®, and most Sears Optical® and Pearl Vision® locations. This benefit is FREE OF CHARGE to all Beta Health Dental Plan Members and their families.

Please Note: All current Vision Plan Members will be switched to EyeMed at renewal.

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Target Optical Private Practitioners Pearl Vision Lens Crafters Sears Optical
Vision Plan Details
Vision Care Services In Network Only
Exam with Dilation (as necessary) $5 off exam
Contact Lens Fit and Follow-up  
Standard $10 off exam
Premium $10 off exam
When a complete pair of glasses is purchased (frame, lenses and lens options purchased in the same transaction) a 35% discount will apply.*
Standard Plastic Lenses Member Pays
Single Vision $50
Bifocal $70
Trifocal $105
Lens Options Member Pays
UV Coating $15
Tint (Solid and Gradient) $15
Standard Scratch Resistant Coating $15
Standard Polycarbonate $40
Standard Anti-Reflective Coating $45
Standard Progressive (Add-on to Bifocal) $65
Other Add-ons and Services 20% off retail
Contact Lens Materials (Discount applied to materials only)
Conventional 15% off retail price
Disposable no discount
Laser Vision Correction**
Lasik or PRK 15% off retail price or 5% promotional price
Examination Unlimited
Frame Unlimited
Lenses or Contact Lenses Unlimited

* Items purchased separately will be discounted 20% off of the retail price.
** Since Lasik or PRK vision correction is an elective procedure, performed by specially trained providers, this discount may not always be available from a provider in your immediate location. For a location near you and the discount authorization, please call 1-877-5LASER6.

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Hearing Discount Plan

Epic Hearing HealthThis hearing care program combines unlimited choices with quality and value. It’s provided FREE OF CHARGE to all employees and family members enrolled in a Beta Health Association, Inc. dental plan. Beta Health and EPIC Hearing Health Care, give you easy access to a large national network of thousands of hearing care professionals — primarily physicians and audiologists — who can help you achieve your maximum hearing potential throughout your life. The prices you get from EPIC may be as much as 50% below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and up to 35% lower than most discount offers. EPIC can coordinate the coverage with your existing healthcare plan.

To activate your hearing discount plan, reference your hearing discount card or call Beta Health Association. Epic will send you a card with all the information you need to access your benefits, including referrals to providers near you and activation forms to access them. Tell them that you are a Beta Health member and you will be connected to a personal EPIC phone contact who can answer any questions you may have. A booklet that outlines the plan benefits (as well as pricing) will be mailed to your home. Then you will follow through with an appointment, examination and treatment. All payments should be made to EPIC HSP. No other billing or payments should occur. Contact EPIC at any time for assistance, advice and information.

Reference the hearing discount card to access your Epic Hearing benefits.

Check out these benefits and savings!

The hearing discount plan benefits and savings are:

  • Hearing Tests
  • Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Ear Protection
  • Swim Plugs
  • Musician Earplugs
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning Supplies and Accessories
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • TV Ears (amplifies and clarifies television)
  • Alerting and Signaling Devices
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Prescription Drug Discounts
Pharmacy Savings Card

Save on Prescription Drugs - Our solution to the rising cost of healthcare.

Healthcare is a major concern for all Americans, from employers to nonprofit organizations to each consumer, everyone acknowledges the problems created when spiraling costs force people to choose between taking care of their health or paying bills. We recognize the need for affordable solutions to the healthcare dilemma; our solution is the Beta Health Prescription discount card.

Beta Health Association

By providing affordable prescription healthcare at the lowest cost possible, we believe the financial savings that cardholders achieve will have a huge impact on their lives and give them access to practical, affordable healthcare solutions.

The Beta Health Prescription Discount Card saves you money each time you fill your prescriptions. In fact, you can save up to 85% on the cost of your medication, depending on the medication and the pharmacy. With Beta Health's free Rx discount card, you no longer have to choose between being healthy and saving money on prescription drugs.

What It Covers

The Beta Health prescription discount program allows you to save on your out-of-pocket medicine expenses, but it is not insurance coverage. You can use our free Rx card in the following ways:

  • If you do not have insurance coverage at all
  • If a particular drug or medication is not covered by your insurance company
  • If the number of refills allowed is limited by your insurance company
  • While you are fulfilling your insurance deductible requirements

Your prescription drug savings card provides savings regardless of the medications you need; discounts can be applied toward brand name and generic drugs as long as they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The Beta Health card is accepted at more than 35,000 pharmacies nationwide, making it easy for you to take advantage of discount prices.

There are no limits to the amount of money you can save with the Beta Health free pharmacy card. Fill out the online form today to receive instant and automatic savings when you use the card.

How It Works

The Beta Health prescription card is free and easy to use. Make your health care affordable in three easy steps:

  1. Fill out the online form
  2. Print card
  3. Show it at the pharmacy

With no complicated forms to complete, no waiting periods for approval, and no annual membership dues, you can start saving with ease. You are pre-approved and can begin collecting your discounts immediately, when you join the Beta Health prescription discount program.

Find a Pharmacy | Rx Pricing Lookup

This card is free. This is not insurance.

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Pet Med & Prescription Discounts
Pet Discount Card

Save on Pet Meds and Prescriptions

Beta Health understands that you want your family to have affordable access to prescription coverage. We also realize that pets are often just as much a part of the family as Mom, Dad, and the kids. With our discount pet medication program, your family can also save on pet medications.

Veterinarians frequently prescribe our four-legged, furry friends the same medication prescribed to us humans, at different dosages. While the cost of human prescription drugs are increasing, so are the costs of pet prescriptions drugs.

Using our free pet Rx card, you can get pet meds for less. You will save money each time you use your pet card; you can save between 10% and 85%, although the exact amount depends on the medication and store. Sometimes the retail price may be lower than the price negotiated by Beta Health. If the retail price is less, you pay the lower of the two prices. Either way, you save money and your pet gets the medication needed!

Using Your Free Pet Rx Card

It's simple and hassle-free to get pet meds for less using our discount pet medication program. Simply fill out and submit the online form, then print out your pet Rx card. When paying for your pet’s prescription, show your card to the cashier and keep more of your hard earned money.

Everyone is eligible to use our discount pet medication discount card. The next time you need medications for your pets, remember that you can get pet meds for less and save up to 85% on each prescription. Some additional reasons to use your pet med card include:

  • No membership fees
  • No paperwork
  • No waiting
  • No restrictions on usage
  • No eligibility requirements

What Does the Pet Rx Card Cover?

Our pet card covers hundreds of FDA-approved medications, including brand name and generic medications frequently prescribed for cats and dogs. To see how much your pet’s prescription will cost, use our prescription price lookup tool, and then fill in the name of the medicine and quantity.

There is no reason to pay full price for your pet prescriptions, at a veterinarian’s office or at a store that does not honor our discount pet medication program, when you can save using your pet med card. You can very easily transfer your pet’s prescription to one of the 35,000 pharmacies that honor our discount program throughout the country. Find participating locations near you using our convenient pharmacy lookup tool.

If you are a pet owner, don't spend more money than you have to on your pet prescriptions. Save money by printing out your free pet Rx card today! Pet store owners, humane societies, cat and dog shelters and other nonprofit organizations can also use our discount pet medication card to save and hand out the pet Rx cards to their clients. When it is so easy to save money on pet prescriptions, why not get your free card today?

Find a Pharmacy | Rx Pricing Lookup

This card is free. This is not insurance.

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